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Our Mission

The Sadequain institute of Art is an artistic and intellectual community that fosters creative thinking and provides its students with an intensive, relevant, and rewarding education in the visual arts. With the guidance of our professional faculty, aspiring artists and designers learn to build both theoretical and practical foundations, expand their vision, and explore new avenues of expression.

The Sadequain institute of Art seeks a diverse student population with the intellectual curiosity to explore the creative process, embrace new challenges, and pursue intellectual and aesthetic excellence.

The undergraduate curricula, in fine arts, graphic design, and textile design, combine a thorough visual arts education with a comprehensive grounding in the liberal arts.

The curricula provide a strong basis for critical reflection, independent inquiry, and imaginative interdisciplinary design solutions.

We choose as our faculty practicing professional artists and designers who are also seasoned educators; they therefore bring to the classroom a realistic, practical perspective on the arts.

The faculty provides guidance as students achieve a mastery of traditional skills, while developing proficiency in new and emerging visual technologies.

We encourage students to recognize the power of the visual arts in contemporary society.

Our campus takes advantage of its geographical location in the heart of Karachi, extending our classroom activities into the city’s vibrant cultural institutions.

The Sadequain Institute of Art runs without external resources on non commercial basis.

Our Achievements

Sadequain Institute of Arts has trained more than 3,000 students, in different disciplines of art, since it was established in 1998. Many of such students have shown flying color in their profession after completing training from here.Many of such students were successful in taking admissions in NCA and the art disciplines of universities; like Karachi University.

In the same way, a large number of our IT students is exercising its professionalskill in different walks of life.



ADDRESS : ST-20, Block 5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,NIPA Chowrangi, Karachi, Pakistan. Phone: 34980928

Admission Open


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